Beth Elliott Dance Group

… more than just dancing

About Beth Elliott Dance Group

Beth Elliott Dance Group (BEDG), founded in 1998, is a collection of dancers under the direction of Beth McKee Elliott in various venues across the country.
BEDG is dedicated to creating opportunities for dancers and choreographers to present their creative work through teaching, mentoring, and producing concerts and events that showcase emerging and established choreographic work. BEDG sponsors Small Plates Choreography Festival, accepting applications from new and established choreographers year round.
Beth McKee Elliott – Artistic Statement: Choreography is my personal expressive process of creating movement statements that examine relationship, identity, and the form and shape of the moving body in space. My purpose in making dance is to articulate the essence of self and the myriad ways it is evidenced within the context of community. My creative process is intentionally fluid; the casting off of prior creative conventions enables the actualization of visual and kinetic modes specific to the meaning of each dance I make.  I present my discoveries as powerful solos and dynamic group works that examine relationship, identity, and the form and shape of the human body in the environment of space.
Director Beth Elliott is available for master classes in modern dance technique, choreographic workshops and commissions, and for private movement analysis, yoga instruction, and energy healing sessions.